De Padova and MA/U Studio

During the 2017 Salone del Mobile, De Padova presents the projects of Danish start up MA/U Studio, recently acquired by the Milanese brand that now owns 75% of shares. The strategy of De Padova continues the theme of living in accordance with its original vocation, as 61 years ago the Milanese brand was already known for importing Scandinavian furniture: a kinship with Nordic design further developed thanks to in-house production,  always supported by Italian know-how, and today with an even bigger offer of stylish and timeless furniture collections.

Founded in 2012 in Copenhagen by the designer Mikal Harrsen and under consultancy of architect Adam Hall, MA/U Studio can be summed up in a few simple principles: clean lines, functionality and constant research without compromise on quality. Over the years, these objectives gave birth to the production of multifunctional furniture that reinterprets Scandinavian tradition in a contemporary way, being attentive to the expectations of global markets and focusing on space flexibility. A cultural trend increasingly crossing boundaries between professional and domestic interiors and favouring furniture pieces able to change and adapt to different spaces.

Highlight of the MA/U Studio catalogue is R.I.G. (Rudimentary Interior Geometry) system:  modular shelving system  featuring an extra thin metal frame combined with shelves, also available in precious materials. The different combinations of  modules create infinite geometric compositions, visually light and with a strong personality. Elegant and minimal, the collection is proposed as a high-end solution for both residential or office areas, a concept that has not yet been fully developed in Italy. Over time, R.I.G. will be completed with wardrobe accessories, sound-absorbing panels, desks, tables and benches designed with the same lightness.

The collection also features two tables: T.T.A. (Tribute to Albers), inspired by the optical experiments of the German painter, and N.E.T. (Never Ending Table), characterised by an unusual use of wood, conceived for large dimensions. Last but not least, the modular storage system C.O.P. (Creative Office Project) that alternates open shelves to closed ones in a sophisticated game of solids and voids.

The words of the founder and creative director Mikal Harrsen, now also Executive Brand Director, mark the way forward: “I took the opportunity of this deal to focus on matters related to product development and research on materials. When creating furniture for the future, it is very important to have a clear idea of the changeable relationship between furniture, objects and the space defined by them”.

With this acquisition, De Padova confirms its vocation to propose furniture with pure  linearity and a graphical approach to the project. Initiating a common path that will increase synergies  and business opportunities internationally, De Padova will offer its operating and distributional systems to MA / U Studio,  plan the management and promote the growth of the brand in coordination with Boffi. “I like the collaboration between an Italian and a Danish company, because Denmark is a land of elegant creativity for the design world.  MA / U Studio is a small reality compared to other major acquisitions but it will allow us to grow by making our offer even more sophisticated, elegant and consistent for both residential and office environments” said Roberto Gavazzi, CEO of Boffi and De Padova, and now also of MA / U Studio.


MA/U Studio S.r.l.
via Santa Cecilia, 7
20122 Milano

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Allégade 19
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