R.I.G. Modules

Single sided – 1 step

An ultra-flexible modular system with clean lines that helps organising storage spaces by drawing a geometric layout ideal for both domestic and professional spaces. The minimal modules blend in harmoniously attention to industrial, yet precious materials and rigorous design functionality.

The R.I.G. Modules shelving system is designed from the idea of joining simple principles; optimized use of materials, enhanced functionality and a minimalist expression. Only a handful of components, that connects in numerous ways, all attached by using the universal screw; “R.I.G. joint”, creates this diverse shelving system. An uncompromised choice of materials and the graphic stabilizing system ensures a stunning stability.

“by using well known construction techniques, we wanted to create a design with an absolute generic appearance, which would allow the structure and the materials to perform as the ultimate leading character”


111,9cm x 75,6cm x 38,4cm


Gables, supports, stabilizers, rails and connection parts: solid steel




Matt white steel

Matt black steel


MDF white

CDF Black

CDF black veneered with natural oak

CDF black veneered with smoked oak

Extra clear glass

White Carrara marble

Greystone marble